What is Antimic?

Antimic is a water-based, odourless and colourless hygienic surface protectant which does not contain any harmful chemicals or heavy metals.

Antimic can be applied to almost all materials and surfaces. It forms a nanoscale (less than 100 nm) permanent glassy continuous film and protects against most known bacteria, viruses and molds.

The permanency of Antimic on different substrates have been tested and proven by accredited laboratory tests and by real applications


Why Antimic is different than others ?

Why Antimic is Different Than other hygienic protection chemicals.

Antimic is an organic product and does not contain any heavy metals.It forms a strong covalent link with the surface and this way it provides permanent protection. It outperforms Other nano products like silver which is not active against molds and fungus, or Titanium products which require UV light for activation.

Advantages of Antimic